Building a product-based business from scratch


Hello hello!! 

This week kicks off our Building ColdStrike Series on the Podcast and we honestly couldn't be more grateful to have you here. 

What a wild ride last week was and we are so excited to share our journey here. 

We truly are your typical family braving the mountains with our kids. As we began braving those mountains, we got frustrated real quick at the lack of hunting gear there is for Houndsmen families. 

We pieced outfits together from a few different places that we love, but sometimes you feel like a hillbilly trekking around the mountain in camo chasing the dogs. 

So, after nearly a year of frustration, mostly when it came to finding stuff for the kids, we decided to create our own. 

We had been saving for this for a while and we don't have any investors right now or anyone else helping us... this is us, building a business from scratch with our own hard-earned money and we aim to serve fellow houndsmen and your families. 

This is our journey on how we got started + we will be taking you along the journey through the entire process. 

Thank you so much for being here and for your support. It truly means the world.






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