Create the team now that you're gonna need later- The Interns

It is my firm belief that no business is successful or can scale the way that we want to without some help. 

I used to wonder how on earth business owners "did it all" until I came to realize that just wasn't the case and they actually weren't doing it all on their own. 

I've listened to a lot of Brendon Burchard's classes and he always talks about building a team now that you are going to need later. I thought, "Ok, but I don't have money to sink into a team right now!" 

Well, the universe has a funny way of giving us what we need if we just put it out there and prove that we are willing to put in the work. 

This became the case when we started on the hunt to find people that could grow with our business and it was only fate at how we found our interns that helped us get our business off the ground! 

It's kind of crazy once you start putting things out there, getting your mind right, and doing some serious work not only on yourself, but the business as well. 

It seems that everything you put in comes back around in one way or another and that is exactly what happened when we found our interns by chance as I was chatting with one of my photography clients! 

Listen to today's episode to find out exactly how it all played out + I sure hope it gets your mind going and gives you ideas on how you can do the same for yourself!


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