Roadblocks in business and back to the drawing board

Back to square one friends…. It sucks. Although a great wave of relief washed over me in my decision to let the first shop go, I also knew it was back to the drawing board. 

We had researched and called so many places, but due to Covid, a lot weren’t able to help us. 

We tried to recruit some help from our local business development office within the chamber and that was a complete strike out as well. At one point the guy emailed and asked what the purpose was for the pack and if a cell phone app could be a remedy?! Ha He must not be a mountain man and doesn’t know that cell phones typically don’t work when your on the hillside!

Anyways, we still felt good about the decision to let the first shop go, but knew it was going to feel like an uphill battle to find another because: 

1. We are learning how to do this and don't have all of these connections. 

2. We had been searching for months and a lot of places aren't interested in taking on a start-up or served only the medical field. 

We learned a lot while sourcing shops and we are beyond grateful to have the knowledge that we do now even though we wanted to throw in the towel a time or two! 

Building a product-based business without loads of capital was going to be tricky and we knew this going in, but we were willing to do the work and we were willing to use the cash we'd saved to go all in! 

You can listen to this episode where we talk all the things here: 

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