Take the Island and Burn the Boat

We’ve been talking about pushing past fears and moving to the next phase. I want to use the analogy of taking your island and burning your boats. I can't take credit for the phrase, but Tony Robbins sure knew what he meant when he said it! 

When we take our island, or create a new habit, we’re often tugged back to what we know, what is comfortable, or what feels safe. Stop it! Take control. Take. Your. Island. Push forward until the new life feels comfortable again, and burn the boats that will take you back. 

As we do this by reading more books, learning new skills, and gaining clarity, the new ways become more comfortable for us and burning the boat gets a little less scary until we start rowing to the next island again.

When we started hunting with the kids, we were beginners of course! We missed things that seem obvious to us now -- like a proper food supply. Luckily, we took the leap, took the kids with us, grabbed some food, and made sure grocery stores were near by in case of emergency. We learned a lot the first few trips we took! If we hadn’t jumped to that new island, we would be here today, just as scrambled as we were those first trips. 

The same goes for our business! We took a leap of faith, switched support systems, listened and learned, and we are now beginners of this new life. We jumped from our first island to the next! We burned the boat behind us and are only looking forward. 

We are all beginners at something in multiple stages of life. Keep rowing to that next island, and burn the boat once the new becomes more comfortable. Never look back. Keep working toward rowing to the next island and burn the boat again.

Never stop learning new things, creating new habits, and working toward building a life you love. Burn the boat baby! 



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