The Best things I've Done for Business in 2021


This week I'm talking about all the steps I have taken to have success in my business in 2021!

I knew I needed to make BIG changes + I knew I needed help. I wanted to broaden my businesses, but I was afraid to take the leap. I knew I was willing to do the work and what I needed to do but I needed someone to push me in the right direction.

So I hired a business coach, and it has been the first best step I took to move my business in the direction I wanted to go.

With her help, I've hired an assistant, a photography editor, and an Associate. These individuals combined have enabled me to create more opportunities for my businesses and have helped me get past the limiting and scarcity mindsets!

It's crazy the things you can accomplish when you get your mind straight and find someone who holds you accountable. 

I am beyond excited to start working with these girls, growing two businesses in the small town of Cedar City, UT.  

Having the ability for me to be able to stay on top of life while they also have more flexibility to work on their own time as well is what I am aiming for as we grow. 

I don't know what the future holds, but I'm sure not going back to the life I was living before! It's time to move forward, dream bigger, and help you along the way. 

If you have a dream you've been chasing, this is the year we step-up our game and go for it! Decide what you need to do within your business and in your mind and let's gooo! 

Let's make this year the year of change for the better + chase down that life we've been dreaming of living. 


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