The Idea for our Product-based Business

After a frustrating camping weekend and Dustin's GPS getting ran over + screen smashed. It was time to put our heads together and get to work. 

We've had the idea to create a pack for quite some time, but never took action... until now. 

I have a friend that has done some work for my Photography Business and she is an out of the box thinker that can bring the ideas in my head to life. 

We called her up, told her what we were thinking + she came down and helped us get it on paper so we had something to deliver to a shop. 

The biggest frustration aside from needing something to carry our gear in was the pants. We were able to find some for the entire family, but the kids were never of good quality, and for the adults, we don't need camo. 

Quite frankly, we feel a little hillbilly-ish running around the mountain after our dogs in our camo clothing. It just doesn't fit our niche and what we do. 

We pulled together some pants we loved, created our own design from that, addressed some of the negatives + positives from what we did and didn't like, and before you know it, we had a pattern drawn up and it was time to start figuring out what we could do! 

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