Being two feet in not one foot out on Business and Family


Think about trying to get work done with kids at home. You may have a designated space where you can go and close the door, but if you have littles at home, you know you can’t shut mom-brain off if no one is out there watching them right? 

You’re constantly listening for the pantry door or little footsteps running through the house. You can’t dive all in on a project you’re working on because you don’t know when they’ll try to barge in or sneak the bag of tortilla chips into the living room and make a holy disaster.

So if you want to be all in with your work so later you can be all in with the fam, then you’ve gotta take that time and figure it out. There’s nothing worse than the constant interruptions throughout the day where you feel like you were “working” all the livelong day, but you don’t know exactly what you accomplished. Anyone else had those?

If you are working from home building your dream then you most likely have chosen to do so and you need to first let go of any guilt you have around that.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for chasing a dream that will better the lives of those you love. We just have to figure out how to do what we want in the most productive way.

So, if you “work” all day and never seem to get much done, it’s time to find the time that you can be all in without distraction.

If you’re living in a scarcity mindset like I was, it’s time to let that go and hire the sitter. I promise, it will be life-changing, somehow the money keeps appearing to pay them, and you get so much done to move the needle in the business your working on. Soon you are gonna be wondering why on earth you didn’t  do it sooner, I promise! 

Again, you can also trade with your husband, a friend, family member, etc… You just need to know that your kids are being watched by someone responsible and you can shut that mom-brain off + get to work. 

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