Learning to be assertive in business as an Entrepreneur


Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of building a dream that you want to jump on the first shop, opportunity or whatever it may be that comes your way. 

I'll be the first to tell you that I was on that train in the beginning because going through the year we had, it was so hard to find anyone that was open let alone wanting to deal with a start-up. 

So, I jumped on the first shop that was willing to take us on and I'm going to sigh a big sigh of relief that I had the guts to change my mind. 

It all started out good, but after meeting them in person because I thought maybe they were just awkward on the phone, it didn't feel right. 

The vibe in the shop, the way they interacted with one another... something was off and I could feel it something fierce! 

Our designer had been offered a job with them as they liked her designs, but after much discussion, she didn't feel that the quality they were putting out was something we wanted for our customers. 

So, I made the tough call and it was back to the drawing board trying to find someone willing to take us on and to be honest.... it sucked! 

But, life continues and if we would have continued with them, who knows where we would be now + I'm grateful we aren't finding out the hard way that it may not be somewhere we hoped. 

I have learned that when it comes to chasing YOUR dream on your own dime, you cannot be afraid to make someone feel bad just because you've "come this far" or someone is a friend. 

If it truly isn't a fit for you, you have to make the call. Decide what is best for you and your business or life and go with your gut so you don't wind up regretting that decision. 


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