The Faces Behind ColdStrike


 Hello there! We are the Clark Family, just your average family that loves to hunt together! We have chosen to brave the mountains with our kids and this is our journey.

Our story began in 2016 when I saw the love my kids had for hunting! It hadn't always been a love of mine because my husband wanted to go EVERY weekend right after we got married. I was pregnant and it was tough learning to compromise and work with each other. We were only 19 at the time.

Years later, I decided it was time to join in.

On this journey we hope to teach you how to include your kids in all things hunting as well as teach you how we do things around here! Everyone does things a little differently so we hope you might pick up a thing or two + we'd love to hear from you as well!

We are so grateful that you decided to be a part of this journey and continue to support us as we grow! 

After two hunting seasons of frustration, we put our heads together, got to work, and here we are today. Our goal was to serve the families that brave the mountains together with gear that will last through many hunts and several kids! 

 Thanks so much for being here! ​

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