A Building ColdStrike Update-- SO CLOSE to Launch!!

Right before Dustin and I got married, Dustin wanted to go hound hunting with his friends! After that, the rest is basically history + he was on the mountain all. The. time! I tried going hunting with him one night at 19 years old, and pregnant. It was not flying with me -- having him gone every weekend! 

This finally led us to find a compromise. We decided that going hunting with his friends every other weekend was a good fit and we implemented it right away!

Three kids later… our son Jack started showing a major interest in hunting. I mean, this kid breathed all things that had to do with it! 

Originally we thought he was a little too young, but we decided to take him and try it out. He became a totally different kid! When coyote hunting one night, he sat so still and didn’t want to move that he peed his pants twice! 

This boy is the epitome of a hunter and he loves it more than anything else. Soon after our girls started becoming more interested so we embarked on the Hunting Fam journey to test the waters! 

As we started down this path, we struggled to find clothing for all our kids to wear! We set out on a journey to create our own line -- nearing the first completed project in this journey! We’re here to be your one stop shop -- and it’s been a ride. We have had a blast, working together, sourcing shops, and finding the right fit to make this work. 

When we started The HuntingFam, we really wanted to get Dustin out of his full-time job, and start bringing him into our family business full-time! We will be starting that now, and there are so many emotions to go with it.

We are so excited, grateful, and scared. I can’t wait to see the results of all these big decisions we are making now to just GO FOR IT. 

We are all about chasing our dreams -- and we’re officially taking the big leap! It’s scary, unnerving, but also SO exciting. 

I encourage you all to do it too -- chase those dreams and go after it! Don’t let anything stop you. Dive in 100% and see where it takes you! 

We are WEEKS away from launching, and we could NOT be more excited! It’s because of you that we are getting closer and closer to this launch. We feel your support and are SO grateful to have you here!

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