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Beach, Vacation, Florida, St Augustine, Surfing, Ron Jon, Surf Shop, travel, Family vacation


If you wanna see Dustin out of his comfort zone, just take him to the beach! The

vast ocean + crashing waves are enough to raise his stress a few levels. He's never been too fond of the water or of his swimming skills, but I'm pretty sure he could keep his head above water if the need arose.

Last year we decided that we were no longer doing toys or presents for Christmas and have replaced it with experiences instead. Ok, don't get me wrong, we couldn't not get Jack and Khloe cap guns + I still haven't decided how I feel about the constant popping during the day!! When you live in Utah, winter usually starts to get old by mid-January!

When we were trying to decide where to go, I remembered the fact that I promised Ella we could go visit her second grade teachers in a few years. They had just moved to St Augustine after retirement and teach a surf camp. Yep, call me crazy!

You guys, there are amazing teachers and there are AMAZING teachers! We have been so lucky with all of the teachers my girls have had since moving to Southern Utah, but boy, the Fuson couple are something else. They are kind, caring, + take no crap kind of people and I am happy to say that we now call them friends.

I may be crazy, but I think it's nice to go somewhere that you at least know someone am I right? I just figured why not go learn to surf?!

We had a blast with these two! They were kind enough to take the week and spend it with us! Our Airbnb ended up being two doors down from them + they told me not to rent a car because we can all ride together. Say whaaaat? We are barely acquaintances in the classroom and you are going to drive this circus around town? Gosh, these two are awesome.... or as crazy as us!

 So, off to Florida we went and we had the BEST time with some pretty awesome people! We played on the beach, learned to surf, played Paddle Tennis, fished, ate lots of fish, canoed, and enjoyed each other's company.

I tell you what, you don't come across people like this often and it was totally worth the gamble to go spend the week with strangers! We sure could use a lot more people like them in this world!

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