How to keep the kids entertained in a truck while hunting

I'll be the first to say that our kids don't love going hunting with us 24/7... especially Khloe! She is a homebody through and through so we have had to get fairly creative to keep her happy in the truck!
Generally within the first 30 minutes she is saying, "I want to go home!" No matter where we are going! ha It's like that every trip + every time, she keeps plugging along and ends up enjoying the ride!
That being said, I want to talk some about some of the things we have found that works with our kids. You can find the list below:
1. Snacks!
Kids get hungry every 20 minutes so having snacks in the truck has been key! Some of our favorite things to pack are Annie's Bunny Crackers, Clif Bars, and Fruit Strips! Also, don't forget the drinks! My kids have water bottles that we take everywhere!
Don't forget the snacks for Mom and Dad! I generally pack G2G bars and this trip we tried the Core Power Protein drink because I didn't have time to eat much before running out of the house! The flavor was ok, but nothing I would call amazing!
2. Make it a game 
I know I mentioned this before, but boy when you make things into a game for kids, they eat. It. Up!
We try to see if they can determine if the tracks are a lion, bunny, coyote, deer, or cow! They love to watch out the window for the tracks and yell out what animal they think it is! This has also been a way for us to teach them the difference between them as well.
3. Let them be free!
When they get tired of sitting in their seats + the roads are snowy, we tell them that when the road is dirt, they can unbuckle and stretch their legs! In the mountains, most of the time we aren't going to find too big of a patch of dirt and they generally forget after 10 minutes! ha
If we have been driving for a while, we will stop and run a lap around the truck or let them get out and look at a set of tracks we spot!
4. Bring some activities
Our kids got Boogie Boards for Christmas + they were the BEST purchase we have made!
Unless we are going on an extremely long trip, electronics are left in the dust! I would much rather listen to my kids making up games in the backseat + using their imaginations about what we are doing! One of these days, I will catch it on video without them noticing!
Thanks for tagging along on our adventures!

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