Navigating Marriage Hunting Fam Style!

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Fourteen years ago guys.... 14 freakin' years ago, I married this guy right here! I'm here to tell you that we have been through it all! It seemed fitting to share this post because we celebrate our anniversary on Monday!
I thought my life was over. I was pregnant at 19 and all my dreams were out the window because I had a baby on the way + didn't know how to navigate life. I was puking in my classes at USU and didn't feel like I was going to accomplish much.
Many, MANY struggles later and I can proudly say we did it! It did not come easy by any means. We fought like cats and dogs the first few years of marriage... money was SO tight, Dustin wanted to hunt every weekend, and I was feeling stuck at home with a sweet new baby + I had no clue if I was doing anything right.
Many years and a few kids later, we finally grew up! I realized my life wasn't over- the path had just changed. I realized how single-minded I was back then and learned to adapt. Dustin learned that hunting every weekend couldn't always happen, and we were able to compromise for each other to make it work!
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and people come and go in our lives for a reason as well! Some stick around + some don't! Whether our experiences with them were good or bad, we learn something.
For Dustin and I-- we found the balance that works for us + learned how to enjoy life together! I have now realized the reasons he was placed into my life and why we are supposed to be together.
He is a good guy + an even better dad and I could not ask for anyone better to share my life with! We both needed the struggles in the beginning. I needed the wake up call to make that mental shift. We would not be where we are today had we not been dragged through all the mud first.
There isn't a secret to having a happy marriage. It is finding the person that is willing to work just as hard as you to make it work. You treat each other with respect + love and muddle through life together until you feel like you've got something figured out! Then life will throw something else at ya and you work through it again!
You learn when to take a step back and give your other half some space + work your way back together until you find that happy medium!
Whoever said marriage is 50/50 is a little cray! It takes 110% on both of your parts + sometimes one of you has to give a little more!
Thanks honey for sticking it out with me and dealing with all the craziness!
Photographe By Anngee

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