Creating ColdStrike- The Beginnings

Hunting Gear for the Family


Welcome, we are so excited you are here and grateful you are joining us on our journey. 

We began this company because I, not only a woman, but a wife and mama was getting so frustrated with the fact that I couldn't find comfortable hunting pants for myself or my kids that fit our lifestyle.

My hubs enjoys the good camo he buys, but we as Houndsmen don't always need or want to sport camo on the mountain.

We run hounds as a family and I began to notice most of the hunting clothing in the market today is geared toward Deer, Elk, or Sheep hunters. Talking about the latest camo patterns and quiet, technical fabrics that those types of hunts require. 

When chasing Bear or Lion on the mountain, my main goals are to be comfortable and stay cool... at least as cool as can be down here in Southern Utah. Quiet fabrics are never a bad thing because I don't want to hike around sounding like a plastic sack, but I wanted something solid for our family that we loved and it just didn't exist. 

The only clothing that I could find for my kids were cotton pants that faded over time with legs that were too baggy and the other high-quality option was great, but again, solid colors weren't an option.

There was a huge gap in the market and we wanted to fill it and serve the market that our lifestyle lies in + forge the path in a rapidly growing industry. 

We didn't want to be the people that said, "Why didn't I think of that, again!" 

I've (Amanda) always loved clothes and my love for shopping runs deep. I've always dreamed of starting a clothing line and now here we are. Creating a line specifically for our lifestyle so we can all enjoy the mountains confident, cool, and in style because we set out with quality in mind. 

ColdStrike is the one-stop-shop for families that brave the mountains together. We provide you with the confidence you need in knowing that the gear you buy will survive more than one child and comfortably take you anywhere your hounds do. 

We have enjoyed getting input from those of you that have followed our journey thus far and we hope to create quality products that you will love! 

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world! 


See you on the mountain! 

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