Welcome to Building ColdStrike

Our lives are simply a series of decisions we've made that lead us to where we end up. Take a risk or find regret later.

We can choose to jump in on the journey or let life take us for the ride. For us, we are choosing to design a life we want to live and making the decision to take the leap. 

In any situation you are faced with you have a choice. To let life control you or can take control of YOUR life and decide where you want to go.

What's the worst that can happen for us? We lose thousands of dollars. Would it be worth it in the end if we failed.... of course! 

Money can be replenished, but time cannot and we don't want to get a year down the road wondering what if again. We have been there too many times and we have decided not this time. 

Today we take the leap into the unknown and see where it leads. The mental shift that needed to happen for us to get here has been a ride. 

Think about an idea you've had or something you've wanted to do. What's stopping you? Fear? Feeling a lack of resources?

I'm here to tell you that if you obsess enough, you can do anything you set your mind to..... truly. You WILL find a way if your reason behind it is strong enough to push you forward. 

Never forget why you started and keep putting one foot in front of the other. This is YOUR life and you should live it on YOUR terms. 

Dream the dream and take the first step. 

Welcome to building ColdStrike and we cannot thank you enough for being here.


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