Change your story by shifting your mindset

I have had to make a lot of big changes this year and one of those changes is shifting your mindset. If you want different results then you have to start taking different actions. Sure the actions that we have taken so far in our lives have gotten us to where we are but, if you are not happy with where you are, you have got to make some massive changes and take action because if you don’t you will continue down the same path.

A story that has been on mind lately is about a guy in high school that was headed down a bad path. He was getting bad grades, hanging with the wrong crowd, skipping classes, and his mom talked him into taking the SAT test. He took it for his mom, got his score back in the mail and it said that he had scored a 1480 out of 1600.

From that day forward his life completely changed. Now, why do you think his life changed? His life changed because he began to believe a different story for himself. Think of all of the thoughts that would change in your head if you had accomplished something you never thought possible.

He goes on to become a magazine editor and 12 years later, he gets a letter from the SAT Board saying that he got sent the wrong test scores. He had actually gotten a 740.

The day that score came in the mail, he started to believe in himself and that caused him to change his environment and change his life. The day that score came in the mail, he started to believe in himself and that caused him to change his life. He completely changed his environment, he changed the group of friends he was running around with. You've gotta think about it, when you hangout with a group of friends, you are the byproduct of the expectations of those that you hangout with most.

Surrounding yourself with people that are not motivated and just sit around with excuses while you’re trying to change your life is not going to get you anywhere!

I myself have found that as I dive deeper into this, I am starting to seek out more like-minded friends who are also building a life that they want to build. I am beginning to distance myself from the people that I used to hangout with that maybe complained a lot or don’t really have the ambition to chase after their dreams the way I am. You can only help someone so much that doesn’t want to help themselves and it gets hard to be around those people.

It may not be something I anticipated or planned to do on purpose, but as you grow and start to chase down those dreams, you start to notice things in others that becomes something you don't always want to be around so naturally a little more space sneaks in.  

When you start to believe in yourself, everything changes! Your environment changes, your friends change, your whole life can change! All that it takes is the story that you are telling yourself. 



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