Level up your life or business by shifting your mindset

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Good morning to you!!! I’m so excited to talk about all things mindset. Why does mindset matter? Because by shifting your mindset, you can shift your entire life and we are going to talk a lot about it around here because it is what has gotten me to the point I’m at now and it’s what will get me where I’m going. 

I mean, your mindset runs your emotions which translates into emotions, and actions. So if you are constantly in a negative state of mind, then you life isn’t going to be that great, right?! 

 The biggest thing that will impact your life is going to be changing your mindset. How do we shift our mindset? Let’s figure this out together: 

Become aware of your thoughts:

Your mind is going to be blown when you start becoming aware of your thoughts. The number of them that freely pass through our minds without us actually thinking a thing of it. Sounds kind of counterintuitive, but the first step to changing things is simply by becoming aware. 

Reframe your thoughts:

Now that we are aware of the thoughts passing through our minds and quite possibly shocked at the amount of negative ones, it’s time to reframe those into something positive. For example… bear with me because I am on the Money Mindset Train at this point in my life so let’s reframe some negative thoughts about money. To be honest, I feel like we are all pretty negative about money at some point in our lives so I think it’s a good one. 

Ok, it goes something like this… 

“Money can’t buy happiness.” Now in my opinion now thanks to Jen Sincero in her book, I’m a Badass at Making Money, I agree that this is just an excuse to keep ourselves in the same state that we are in. 

Think about these things. Are you…

Living paycheck to paycheck? 

Want to travel more often? 

Stress when the car breaks or something happens? 

Would having money help you achieve the things you want and stress less about the not so fun things that happen in life? YES!!

So let’s reframe…

“Money supports my happiness.” 

Money might not buy your happiness, but I’m here to tell you that it will make life a lot easier + allow you to do more of what you love stress free!


Set your intention.

I will also explain why it is important to recognize why you may think of something a certain way and teach you how to reframe your thinking to reach your goals.

The intention that I chose for myself this year was wealth in all aspects of my life. Wealth in relationships, wealth in finances, and wealth with experiences.

Whatever intention you set for yourself, get to work to make progress toward that. 

Today I want you to take action and reframe three negative thoughts into something more positive. That’s it, just three! 

We are making progress toward the intention we set. We are not setting resolutions, but intentions because we all have somewhere we want to go in life or something we want to achieve. 

The difference between those people that stay stuck and those that move forward are simply not controlling our thoughts and stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. 

It’s time to level up! If you don’t like your situation, the number in your bank account, or the limits you feel are placed upon you by something that has happened in your life, it’s time to make a shift. 

I’m here to be your biggest cheerleader and I’m pulling you over the mountain we are braving together. It’s time to set off on your greatest adventure yet and make things happen for yourself because if you don’t do it, no one is going to do it for you! 


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