Hunting Fam Adventures

  • Level up your life or business by shifting your mindset

    Good morning to you!!! I’m so excited to talk about all things mindset. Why does mindset matter? Because by shifting your mindset, you can shift ...
  • Navigating Marriage Hunting Fam Style!

    Fourteen years ago guys.... 14 freakin' years ago, I married this guy right here! I'm here to tell you that we have been through it all! It se...
  • First Mountain Lion in a tree

    I guess I didn't realize I'd never seen a lion in a tree before. I've seen so many videos and photos that Dustin has shown me over the years, it didn't dawn on me that I hadn't actually been to the tree! 
  • Creating ColdStrike- The Beginnings

    Hunting Gear for the Family   Welcome, we are so excited you are here and grateful you are joining us on our journey.  We began this company beca...
  • Welcome to Building ColdStrike

    Our lives are simply a series of decisions we've made that lead us to where we end up. Take a risk or find regret later.
    We can choose to jump in on the journey or let life take us for the ride. For us, we are choosing to design a life we want to live and making the decision to take the leap.